My story of how I joined the Narratives this team is quite different than the others. I wasn’t part of the creative process, but joined when the film was already made. I was on the audience in one of the first screenings of the documentary. The film was moving to the point of tears, and it was remarkable for me the  penness of the interviewees, and the level of empathy their stories were transmitting. The most interesting thing for me was the approach the film has, sharing  ersonal stories of both sides of the conflict, real people sharing when and how it affected their personal lives, without taking part in any side. Sharing someone  lse’s story is a powerful tool. We can witness how every day the Media tells one sided stories, making the audience partial and denying the truth the other side has to offer. The Media bias leads to missed information, and itself to increase the level of ignorance and hate in the population: If you only hear one side of a story so many times, everything the other side has to say seems mistaken. But sharing a story in a neutral way, where both sides have a say, is a great way to end the disinformation and bring understanding between every part involved, because comprehending the backstories can mean creating a bond between them.

And while most of the Media about the conflict focus on what and why, showing the big picture and the terrible consequences of it, there are few opportunities to actually learn how individual lives are affected by it. Every person that lives in a conflict zone has a story to tell, because their lives are influenced and molded by the conflict in many different and personal ways.

The Narratives documentary sets aside the bias, and focus on personal stories of common people who are on of both sides of the conflict. The team believes that sharing personal stories is a way to build bridges and make emotional connections between people in both sides of a conflict, because it leads to re-humanize people in the opposite side. I joined the project because I strongly believe in this idea and I wanted to make a contribution to the work towards conflict resolution the team is doing.