Now that we have moved from Delhi to Bangalore, we want to introduce our local collaboration partner: Open Sky Slam and their initiative Project Azaadi!

Open Sky Slam aims to create a space that is about art, artists and the appreciation of their varied forms. By that, they also set out to raise awareness on social issues such as women empowerment, girl-child education, abuse awareness, and last but not least Indo-Pak peace.

To address the issue of peace between both nations, Open Sky Slam has launched a cross-border initiative, Project Azaadi, which allows creative individuals from India and Pakistan to interact with each other through the medium of art, leading to the eradication of barriers between two countries. Young artists from both sides of the border were also enabled to exchange ideas, hobbies, political views, and thoughts. Many of these young art enthusiasts ended up becoming friends with each other.

We are more than excited to collaborate with the Open Sky Slam team for our interviews and at the same time also learn more about their work!

More information:

Check out their website and Facebook page

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