Project Narratives hopes to build bridges and raise general awareness by sharing the stories of people in conflict regions. The first video with interviews from Israel – Palestine has been screened in multiple locations. Short versions of the second iteration, Narratives: Stories beyond the India-Pakistan conflict has been previewed and the full version of this documentary is set to be screened in different parts of the world. 

We are constantly looking for new screening opportunities, if you want to showcase our films, contact us.

The teasers of the first documentary, before the completion of post-production stage, were screened in two locations at:

The premiere and subsequent screenings of the full documentary were well received:

  • At the premiere during the Global Citizenship Conference of the Melton Foundation in New Orleans, USA.
  • On November 22nd 2014 “Narratives” was screened at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany.
  • On February 5th 2015 “Narratives” was screened at a cinema-event in Marburg, Germany.

A preview of the second documentary from India-Pakistan has already been screened at the Global Citizenship Conference of the Melton Foundation in Temuco, Chile in August, 2016. The short version of this film, was released on the 70th anniversary of the Pakistan and Indian independence days. This has been screened at the Global CItizenship Conference of the Melton Foundation in Accra, Ghana in August, 2017.