Project Narratives produces documentaries on people’s individual experiences with violent conflict. The project is developed in collaboration with key actors in the regions who are uniquely experienced in working in and on conflicts. They have played important roles in connecting the team with potential interviewees and in developing and promoting the project as a whole. The team is always looking for new organizations and individuals interested in collaborating.

Our current collaborators are

The Melton Foundation actively promotes and enables global citizenship as a way for individuals and organizations to work together across boundaries of place and identity to address global challenges. The current members of Project Narratives are active fellows of the Melton Foundation.

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies is a leading environmental studies and research institute in the Middle East with a student body comprised of Jordanians, Palestinians, Israelis, and from around the world. They live by the idea that nature knows no borders.  

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan, operating in Karachi and Lahore, is dedicated to cultural and historic preservation. Their projects, like the Oral History Project and Humans of Karachi, support the tradition of oral storytelling in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of such narratives in a dialogue on national identity.

Aaghaz-e-dosti seeks to enhance people-to-people relations to bridge the gap between India and Pakistan. It seeks to become the medium to discover and recognise the misrepresented reality on the other side of the border.

Open Sky Slam is a platform that allows artists around the world to showcase their talent. It is the melting ground of several opinions and lifestyles which comes together to form a beautiful co-existence of open minds.