If you like our project and want to get involved, here is what you can do. We are happy for every form of support we can get!

Translate Subtitles We want this video to be seen and understood by as many people as possible. So if you want to translate the subtitles into your language, get in touch with us.

Screen the Films You want to screen the video in your classroom, school, college, organisation or know about film festivals or other screening opportunities? We would be delighted to share the Narratives with you!

Feedback Feedback on any aspect of the project is always welcome.

Replicate If you want to address a different conflict in the same way we would be more than happy to share our experiences with you.

Donate We are very grateful for any form of funding or sponsorship, please write to us.

Any other way: Please feel free to contact us for any other form of support. We are happy for any input.